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The twin brothers Jamil and Jamal now joins School and Madras

Its now eleven months since the twin brothers Jamil and Jamal join our orphanage. They lost their father when there mother was 6 months pregnant.

After giving birth there mother join a bad group and she started taking drugs, she was moving day and night with them sleeping out in cold. She was taken to the chiefs office by the residence of Shanzu area, the area chief called the media people and they asked them to a lite the story of this innocent babies any one who now there family  to go and take them at chiefs office because the mother was full  addicted to drugs and she was not taking care of them.There aunty saw them in the news television and the next day she went to the chiefs office and she was given the children.

There aunty come to our orphanage and asked if we can take care of them, she was not in good positing to raise them we accepted because there health was very bad. for the last 6 months we have been taking them to hospital for treatment and now they are in good health, they can talk and play around with other children in the orphanage.

Jamal and Jamil are now three years old, they have joined Blessed Junior Academy baby class and on Saturday and Sunday they go Madrad Taqwa.The twin brothers are now very happy at the orphanage.

Any assistance to Jamal  and Jamil will be highly appreciated, there dream is to become a DOCTOR.



Well come Hassan Sirazi to TABARAK ORPHANAGE HOUSE OF JOY!

Hassan Sirazi lost both of his parents in a road accident when he was 3 years old, his aunty took the responsibility of raising him, but her aunt is a single mother and she has her own 3 children depending on him staying in Kisauni Area.  Hassan wake up very early in the morning footing to Mombasa County center moving up and down begging for assistance and in the evening footing back home.

The community took the responsibility of taking Hassan to the near by Children Department office and the children officer call us and we were given Hassan to raise him in our Orphanage.

For the last 4 years Hassan was a street child  and he have been leaving a difficult life since he lost both of his parents in a road accident he had not even join school or Madras.

Hassan now 8 years and  has join Happy Junior Primary School he is in class one and attending Madras at Fathul Adhim Madras.

Anny assistance to Hassan Sirazi will be highly appreciated to achieve his dream of becoming a LAWYER.



Appeal for Airtickets to and from Mombasa to Poland

Ambassador of Hope Football Academy domiciled in Mombasa Kenya and operating under Tabarak Children's Home has been invited to the 2nd World Cup of Children from Care Homes scheduled to take place in July 2014 in Warsaw Poland under the aegis of Hope for Mundial Association.

The tournament is set 26th - 27th July 2014 brings participants from Children Homes Worldwide for this festival.

Bearing in mind the humble status of Tabarak Orphanage with limited resources and depend ant on well wishes, we kindly for support our team by providing 10 AIR TICKETS for the traveling contingent.

The Orphans will benefits in terms of EXPOSURE, CONFIDENCE, INTERACTION, FRIENDSHIP,

It is our humble appeal to well wishers to grant us the request

Looking forward for positive respond bearing in mind time is not in our side.

Thanks and be Blessed


Lets join hands in welloming Amir Abubakar to our Orphanage TABARAK HOUSE OF JOY!

Amir Abubakar lost his father when he was 6yrs old, after one year her mother got married to another man and he was taken back to his father family because the step father refused to stay with him.

Early last year year Amir was brought back to her mother and the step father refused to pay for his school fees and upkeep. Amir had missed schooling for the last one and a half year so her mother come to our orphanage and told us how is son is having a difficult life at early age and he is a bright child. We accept Amir and he is now schooling at Mombasa Minland Primary shchool in class six last term Amir was number 4 out 28 pupils and he is very happy at Tabarak Orphanage.

Wellcome Amir Abubakar to Tabarak Orphanage HOUSE OF JOY

Turkish GovermentAppreciation for your kind donation your kind donation

On behalf on Tabarak Orphanage we take this opportunity to thank the Turkish Government for their kind donation.

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