About Tabarak Orphanage

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Tabarak Muslim Orphan’s Support Project

Tabarak Children Home is a community based organization founded in 2004 and duly registered by the Government of Kenya as Tabarak Muslim Orphan’s and Widows Support Project, registration Number: SS/MSA/OD/WR/04/84.

In February 2006, one of the founding women and current trustee Mrs. Aisha Pili Ramadhan and her husband Mr. Ahmed Ali decided to welcome the orphans in their home and with the help of well-wishers, were able to find rented accommodation, clothing, food and other necessities.

By August 2007, the orphanage had received assistance from well-wishers enough to buy a small piece of land in the village and construct a children’s home with four small dormitories, an open dining hall kitchen and a matron’s room and office.

The orphanage is situated in Kisauni Mombasa, Kenya. Currently there are 45 children, 6 girls and 39 boys between the ages of 2 and 16.


The Mission of the Tabarak Children’s Home is to enhance the safety, stability and well being of our children, families and their communities. We do this by providing comprehensive professional services that include residential, educational, preventive and therapeutic care.


The Children’s Home will become one of the best providers of comprehensive children and family services in Kenya.

Values & Principles

  • Hope - We believe in the possibility for growth, change and forgiveness. We nurture that belief in ourselves and in others.
  • Healing - We promote a climate where people feel safe and experience improved physical, emotional and spiritual health.
  • Caring - We show compassion in how we treat others. We show sensitivity to their concerns, problems or pain. We reassure them that they are not alone.
  • Respect - We see the best in others regardless of who they are. Our words and actions recognize the special needs and individuality of each person we serve or with whom we work.
  • Integrity - We are honest in what we say and do. Honesty and competence are fundamental in developing trust.
  • Responsibility - We hold ourselves accountable for our decisions and actions. We believe every person has the capacity to make decisions and understand the consequences.
  • Collaboration - We use teamwork to accomplish more than any of us could by working alone. We believe we can best serve and care for others by blending the talents and dedication of many caring people and organizations.
  • Stewardship - We make wise use of the resources entrusted to us.

The aims and objectives that led us to form this Community based Organization was the low standards of living and inhumanity the women are facing in our community. Not forgetting HIV/AIDS, which has left so many of our species as orphans and widows. After doing a serious research, it came to our knowledge that in the small village of Bakarani we are living in, there are many orphans whose parents died as innocent victims in the pandemic.

On the other hand, the society neglected them; they were left without education, no place to call home, no food and the worse of all is they lack “PARENTAL LOVE”.

Problem Definition

HIV/AIDS has left so many to be orphans in our small village of Bakarani. We quickly pointed out the ones who are infected or affected by HIV/AIDS. The society has discriminated this victims. Many organisations have been formed to care for such children (orphans) unfortunately, they have failed to meet the need of increased number of orphans. Even though improved education is being provided, there’s still poor care of the needy children due to increased cost of living.

Target Group

All orphans regardless of cause, religion, race, gender or tribe.


Tabarak Muslim Orphans Support Project, came with an idea to open an orphanage that provides innocent children with basic need and love. We hereby kindly request your support in assisting us in improving the life of needy children.