Goals & Objectives of the Orphanage

  • Goal 1: The Home will provide and facilitate a wide range of integrated, quality educational programs and services to serve more children from Kisauni.
  • Goal 2: The home will work with families and communities in their efforts to meet the educational needs of orphans.
  • Goal 3: The Home will cultivate, nurture, perpetuate, and practice (which includes culture, values, history, language, oral traditions, literature, and significant cultural or historical places).
  • Goal 4: The Home will foster the development of leaders who focus on service to others.
  • Goal 5: The Home will optimize the value and use of current financial and non financial resources and actively seek and develop new resources.
  • Goal 6: The Home will practice ethical, prudent and culturally appropriate stewardship of environment resources.
  • Goal 7: The Home will continue to develop as a dynamic, nurturing, learning community.
  • Goal 8: The Home will strive to expand on its existing facilities namely: dormitories, classrooms and toilets.
  • Goal 9: The Home will build a library for children of Tabarak Children Home
  • Goal 10: Tabarak Children Home will employ 4 additional teachers to boost the quality of teaching-learning in the home.

All goals will be addressed over the next five- to ten-year period. The home will concentrate on the areas identified as high priority in stakeholder surveys

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